Dresden plate with top

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EZpiecer plastic template

  • Foldable at the centerline
  • Transparent
  • Reusable, removable
  • Durable
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EZpiecer dresden plate shape plastic template for English "plastic" piecing.

If you like English Piecing, you will love these reusable plastic pieces.

Watch the demo.

Each template is designed for multiple uses, because it is EZ to remove.

The templates can be folded along the centerline to form a half shape (except the 90mm dresden).

In order to preserve the longevity of the template fold at room temperature. Fold from the matt side, so shiny sides are touching.

With the help of the holes in the middle the templates can be easily fixed to the fabric with pins.

Foltvilag's unique design of the curved EZpiecer template allows to remove it from the fabric piece, which was not possible before with other templates.

There are special open holes along the edge of the template to help to fix the fabric on the template. Baste around the template and meanwhile sew the fabric on the template through these special open holes.

After basting the fabric around the templates sew them to each other.

Since the special holes are open to the edge of the template it can be easily removed and the motif keeps its shape.

The template in the middle can be easily removed by putting scissors into one of the holes.

After removing the template the fabric piece will retain its crisp curved shape.

Don't applique but sew the center circle (or half circle in case of half plate) just like the other parts of the plate.

Transparency helps you adjusting the fabric's pattern in the desired position (center, paralell, diagonal , etc).

You can iron it on the 1st or 2nd position. Make sure there is always fabric between the iron and the plastic. Make a trial before you proceed. We do not exchange melted templates.

We recommend ironing after the templates are removed because the fabric pieces will retain their crisp edges after the template is removed. Then you can iron the fabric with higher temperature.

Made from high quality European plastic sheet with precision machinery for ultimate accuracy.

Developed and manufactured by Foltvilag KFT in Hungary.

EZpiecer is the trademark of Foltvilag KFT's plastic templates.

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