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Instruction pour le 6ème bloc du quilt mystère "Coudre avec moi pour un an".


I’m inviting you to sew along again.

Many of you were happy to have more time to catch up with us.

I hope you did so.



I used the template EZ-Log Nr02 to sew the 6th block. I drew 60 pcs.

You need 28-28 pcs to the sides and 4 pcs to the corners.

I cut 2.25 cm stripes to the straight sides from the fabrics. I used 7-7 shades of 2 colour families.




I cut 2.5 cm white stripes to the triangles. Please be careful because the starting square, field 1 needs more fabric.

There you need to use the 3 cm stripe.



It is very simple to sew the block. But it is very important to put the particular colour to the right in case of 28 blocks and to the left on the other 28 blocks.

So the colours will be reflected. The triangle runs to the corner.

Start sewing the block from field 1, from the corner. Move on row by row. First do the straight sides, then the triangle closes the row. 



After cutting the right size of the blocks, sew them into 4 stripes, one side will have 14 blocks. 




Sew the corner blocks to both ends of the side stripe (2 pcs), 2 to the right and 2 to the left like in the picture. 



If you are ready, sew it to the middle part. 

The current size of your quilt: 144 cm x 144 cm.

I will come back with the next task at the beginning of January.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyful and prosperous new year.  

Thank you for sewing with me.

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